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Snowdrops (6 Weeks - 18 months)

Snowdrops (6 weeks - 18 months)The qualified, caring staff follow the ‘Pre-birth to Three’ guidelines to provide a loving, safe environment . The four key principles of the guideline are:-

‘Rights of the Child’; Children have the right to thrive and be nurtured. We promote general well-being, health, nutrition and safety by giving love and hugs, daily visits to the garden, tooth brushing and a flexible routine which meets the individual needs of each child. 

‘Relationships’; essential to a baby’s health and wellbeing and to determining their future potential and life chances. We promote this by using the ‘Keyworker’ system, tailored ‘settling in’ and ‘stay n play’ sessions with parents & families. 

‘Responsive Care’; each child is accepted and respected as an individual. We use ‘All about me’ forms, responsive planning sheets and ‘learning plans’ which are updated in relation to each individual child’s needs.

‘Respect’; shown to all children and families. Parents and carers are encouraged to share their knowledge of their child’s preferences and interests. Children are encouraged to make choices to develop their confidence and feeling of being respected. 

The playroom is a warm spacious room with a homely atmosphere. There is a sleeping room, a kitchen and a changing room. Parents provide nappies, creams and wipes as well as sufficient milk and food for the day.